Paspaley celebrates 100 years of adventure, with the Megisti Collection

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It has been 100 years since founder, Nicholas Paspaley Sr, first arrived in Australia. This October, to mark a centenary of adventure, Paspaley will launch Megisti – a high-jewellery collection symbolising the journey from the Paspaley family’s origin on Greek Island Kastellorizo, to the Kimberley – the home of the most beautiful pearls in the world.

This collection tells a story of an adventurer, who would eventually become the founder of the world’s leading pearling company. Beginning in Kastellorizo, a tiny island off Greece, the late Nicholas Paspaley fled as a refugee with his family, crossing the world’s oceans to arrive on the northwest coast of Australia. At 17-years-old, Nicholas founded Paspaley – a company that would evolve to become the source of the most valuable pearls in the world.

“This year’s collection is based on a journey between two worlds. The designs exhibit a potent combination of Greek culture and the natural, rugged beauty of the Kimberley – the birthplace of our pearls, honouring my grandfather’s momentous journey from Greece to Australia 100 years ago,” explains Paspaley Creative Director Christine Salter.

Megisti is the ancient name for the Greek island of Kastellorizo where the Paspaley adventure began. The sculptural forms seen in Megisti reference geometric patterns of rock formations that are found in the Kimberley. At the same time, the collection takes cues from Ancient Greek jewellery and reimagined in a contemporary way. Colours are inspired by the jewel-toned waters of the Mediterranean, as well as the warm tonal hues of the Kimberley escarpments.

Precious gemstones have been selected for their distinct colours, but equally for their unique natural textures. Here, Paspaley pearls and mother-of-pearl are paired with pink opal, ruby, turquoise, lapis and sapphire.

Megisti is designed to be multi-faceted, representing the versatility of the modern woman. The raw natural formations of the Kimberley escarpments have been refined and distilled into high jewellery pieces, from necklaces and colliers, to rings and bracelets.

Double-sided rock-shards with mother-of-pearl on one side and lapis, pink opal or turquoise on the other, flip and dance when worn – allowing the adaptability of each design to come to life. Meanwhile, the collier can be worn with a Paspaley pearl to the front or back; on the coloured gem side or the mother-of-pearl side. Each piece has a mind of its own and is in constant motion, just like the landscape it is inspired by.

Championing personalisation, the Megisti Sautoir can be worn in a variety of lengths, while also separating into bracelets. Versatile and unique, the Megisti cocktail ring features a gemstone on one side and mother-of-pearl on the other. So, the wearer can customise the look, to suit their mood or occasion.

Above all, Megisti showcases exceptional craftsmanship and design, featuring innovative techniques developed by Paspaley’s artisan jewellers. Technology and timeless practices combine throughout this collection, allowing the jewellery to be extremely fluid and flexible, while also maintaining that unparalleled Paspaley quality.

Megisti represents contemporary luxury, with a unique history. Each piece is timeless and highly considered, yet inherently free. This collection will be available in Paspaley boutiques and online from October 1st.

Paspaley boutiques are located in Sydney, Melbourne (Collins Street, Crown and Chadstone), Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Broome and online at

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