New Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia Executive Committee

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The General Meeting of the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia held at the Pontoxeniteas House in southern Sydney on Saturday 14 September, elected the following executive committee:

President: Peter Stefanidis (Akrites tou Pontou, Melbourne)

Vice-President: Mrs Esta Paschalides-Chilas (Pontoxeniteas, Sydney)

Secretary: Νikolaos Μakridis (Akrites tou Pontou, Melbourne)

Τreasurer: Mrs Μaria Anthony (Pontoxeniteas, Sydney)

Τhe outgoing executive – President Peter Papoulidis (Diogenes Wollongong), Secretary Νick Chrissostomidis (Diogenes Wollongong) and Treasurer Maria Anthony (Pontoxeniteas, Sydney) – wishes every success to the new Executive Committee. «We will be beside them to assist in any way necessary, and at all times,» stated the retiring President.

«We trust in the support of the Federation, to continue the future of the member-associations, the Federation and Pontian culture in the Antipodes,» stated university student Natalia Makridis. «We constitute the future of Pontian Hellenism in Australia.»

The General meeting also discussed issues such as co-operation with the InternationalAssociationofGenocideScholars, the role of youth in the future development of the Federation, the Synapantema 2020 festival as well as other plans for next year.

Newly-elected President Peter Stefanidis thanked the members for the opportunity to serve the community from this position. «Our main aim is preparing the next generation of Australian Pontians, in other words the future of this unique part of Australian Hellenism.»


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