Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: the slandering campaign and the personality assassination which failed

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The criticism against the Archbishop and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia needs to be austere, hard, relentless. It is needed by the history of the institution having a central role in the wider Greek community of Australia.

Transparency must be absolute in this Organisation due to its ecclesiastical, political and economic role.

Questions are needed to be posed by the press, the members of the church, by every Australian citizen from the moment that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia involves itself in the public debates and is managing one dollar even of the citizens’ monies.

The thing that is taking place the last few months though and is still ongoing, is a campaign of personality assassination with its aim being to annihilate Makarios, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop. There are no Goebbels, Macarthur or Stalin like actions and means (choose what suits you) that could be used any further to stigmatise his status and reputation in the Greek community of Australia and in Greece proper.

The intensity of the attacks indicate that they have surpassed the motives that had started this campaign. Even if we hypothesise that there was an initial target, this attack now has sunk into a cesspit of slanders, insults and racist rants.

“The resentful criticism does not want what it says it wants, but it uses the negatives to insult”, Max Seller wrote.

Even the most fanatical person would exercise some control and constraint of the damages his/her actions would cause. Here the war is of totalitarian proportions. Makarios must be annihilated at every cost. These aspiring slanderers had even found the successor, neglecting the fact that in their aspirations that the enthronements and dethronements of church leaders are enacted by the Holy Synod and not by a group of hatred-filled and diabolic persons. There is no institution in the Greek community of Australia that has not been undermined by this effort. Those who were “holding the big spoon” were looking at a beautiful and angel-made world but now as they are cornered, they are screaming out that the church is “corrupt”, the Patriarchate is “Turkish seeded”, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia is “promiscuous”, that the Greek community initiatives are “dead”, that the press is “sold out”.

In this rabid war they do not hesitate to slander and to humiliate people, to insult reputations, to violate every Australian law that protects human dignity.

For all these cases, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia MUST resort to the justice system as it has done in the past. It MUST use every legal avenue and agreed means by the citizens of this country in order to put a halt to this wretchedness.

As the hypocrisy at this point in time is sky high, for one more time, there will be those who will tell us “We do not understand what you are saying. Who are doing these things? Who are they offending?” The only dialogue that is strong with this cesspit that uses the language that found its greatest glory in Nazi Germany is through the JUSTICE system. There could be no dialogue between the perpetrator and the victim. (Even the stones know the incredible, anonymous vulgarities that have been written on social media platforms for people who have dedicated their life not to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia nor to the Archbishop but to those fellow-human beings who are most vulnerable).

Our “sold-out media”, which until recently was not sold out but with “prudence would support every positive effort in the wider Greek community, even if it was a cost to us, from wherever it originated from, even during the TIMES OF THE GREAT POLARISATION”, this sold out medium to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia or to the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW or to AHEPA – we have heard everything – that reduced its publications from three to one time a week a few months ago in order to continue to exist and to support the older and tired Greek immigrants after the war, this medium which cannot maintain half a website whilst its advertisements in its pages constitute a mirror of its sources, this medium in which EVERYONE knows the relationship between its publisher and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia the last TEN years (and that in the past was a four-day publication), ALWAYS stood up against the blackmailers and blackmails.

From what has been written during this time, we will take a stance on three items as they portray how Makarios leads and they reveal the way the slanderers conduct and have conducted their business. The first part refers to the monastery establishment of “Axion Esti” in Melbourne. Photographs that circulated on the Internet showed its abandonment and decay accusing Makarios for his “negligence” here. Is there a logical human being who will view these photographs and who will believe that these things happened in this last year? Are there not any people who reside in the area who know in what condition the monastery was in the last few years? Did anyone write that the restoration works of the Monastery have already commenced? Who has taken over and with what criteria? Was there any mention that the restoration works of the Monastery will be taken over by Andronas Conservation Architecture? That is the architectural office that has also taken under its wing amongst other projects the Anglican Cathedral of St Paul in Melbourne, the Catholic Cathedral of St Patrick in Melbourne and the State Library. This architectural office has made a proposal in order to participate in the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The preconditions set by the Makarios administration are bothering, because they show how things ought to be done from here onwards.

The second item that we will take a stance on is the finances of St Basils Aged Care Home in New South Wales in which none of the accusers has been able to “study” well. According to the “reading” of the enlightened ones “until the second last financial year, the Organisation was showing a deficit of about one million dollars which had skyrocketed during the financial year of 2018-2019. Hey, the financial year finishes on the 30th of June (2019) and Archbishop Makarios had just been enthroned a day before, that is on the 29th of June, therefore it is clear that the deficit could not have been done under his administration. To say it more clearly: Makarios did not create this deficit but he actually found a deficit as high as $11,569,351 at the St Basil’s Aged Care Home in Sydney. And he, himself, is trying to clear out the situation without divulging the people of the past who are responsible for all these things.

The third item are the rents that St Basil’s Aged Care facility in Victoria had supposedly given to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. With no checking, with no questions posed as to who had agreed for these amounts and during which period, who took them and who managed them….It is absolutely verified by our newspaper that during the Makarios administration that the only monies that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia has earned is the legal rent of $1,850,000. However, the well-known falsifiers of the truth tell us that it is Makarios’ fault for the previous years. It appears that he was managing the amount of the rents from Estonia and the ways the monies would be spent!

It is certain that the assassination campaign has failed. At two events that took place during the pandemic period, one in Picton and the other at St Catherine’s Church, despite the harsh restrictions, the members of the wider Greek community TURNED THEIR BACK to the slanderers and they continue to embrace the Archbishop. As an indicator, we can mention that the president of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW, Harry Danalis was present, that in the “National Committee” of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia for the celebration of the 200 years of the Greek Revolution, Bill Papastergiadis, the President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne is a participant. It is also important to mention that the Archbishop has the admiration of the whole political world and the religious leaders of our country. Recently, when the Premier of NSW Ms Berejiklian found out that the Archbishop was in the Parliament Building, she paused her parliamentary duties and visited him to express her appreciation on the Archbishop’s stance on the corona virus issue. The same action was done by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr Lee, whilst the NSW Governor had visited the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. The work of the Archbishop may be at its early stages whilst there is a campaign of personality assassination against him, his personality though is enough to win over the trust and the support of the most significant institutions of the wider Greek community and of the Australian state. And it seems that he has been successful in doing so.

The efforts of the blackmailers to lure the Greek community into the cesspit in which they themselves are sinking into, have failed. Modernistic, moderates or conservatives, key members or “simple citizens”, warm-hearted followers or indifferent people, older Greek migrants and university students, clerics and laypeople, all have made themselves present at all the events showing the depth of their belief in Makarios and to those who UNDERESTIMATE THE INTELLIGENCE of the wider Greek community. For the person who is cognisant of the various “tribes” of the Greek community, its interests and values, HE/SHE CAN SEE THROUGH HIS/HER OWN EYES WHAT THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN.

Mainly, the people who have no further interests…



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