George Ellis’s “Tribute to George Michael” simply “amazing”

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Everyone who attended the one off concert, “Tribute to George Michael” under the direction of George Ellis, one of Australia’s most innovative and versatile conductors, with guest vocalist MiG Ayesa, on Saturday 7th September, at The Concourse, Chatswood, stated that it was simply “amazing”.

As the talented conductor George Ellis, well known for his ability to combine Symphony Orchestras’ with popular artists, remarked:“The challenge when we add symphonic musical orchestral arrangements to pop music is striking the balance between too much or not enough. If you add too much orchestral colour you can take away from the original, and of course the original is a great piece of music so we don’t want to take away from it. But at the same time we do have a lovely big Symphony Orchestra, so we want to make sure they’re not left out.

What I learnt about George Michael’s music is, that its songs are much more complex when you delve deep inside of it then I originally thought. When you hear a song like “Freedom” you hear a simple pop song which of course it is, but when you dive deeper into it you hear all these complex  harmonies and chords like minor nines and flat thirteens which aren’t apparent but they’re very beautiful.”

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