George Devine Treloar tribute event

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The Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies present a tribute event in honour ofthe legacy of Colonel George Devine Treloar at the Hellenic Centre 20 Parker Street Northbridge WA on Wednesday 9 October 2019 from 7pm. The keynote speaker will be His son, retired Associate Professor David Treloar, while a Hellenic summary will be provided by genocide scholar Dr Panayiotis Diamadis.

In September 1922, a young Australian veteran of World War One and the Russian Campaign, arrived in Thrace, sent by the League of Nations High Commission for Refugees. His mission was to rescue and re-settle hundreds of thousands of survivors of the Genocides of the Hellenes, Armenians and Assyrians who found refuge within the Hellenic state.

Associate Professor David Treloar (retired) will show more than 40 photographs taken by his father. Photographs of refugees arriving, enduring great hardships, establishing settlements and starting productive activities.

He will use these photos as the basis for explaining how and why his father enabled so many people to make remarkable recoveries from chaos, homelessness and deprivation.

All are welcome as we honour a man with such a massive contribution to Hellenism.

PHOTO: “How the refugees arrived”. GD Treloar

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