Bill Assist: An initiative of Tony Burke and Sophie Cotsis

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Bill Assist at the Campsie Library showed just how much local residents rely on the support of local agencies to help them understand their bills and how to deal with problems they may have in understanding the information contained in their bills and what options are available to them if they encounter difficulties in making payments.

An initiative of Federal and State Members for the area; Tony Burke and Sophie Cotsis, Bill Assist attracted around 150 people and involved a number of local services, council and government agencies which were on hand to answer questions and provide advice. Both MPs were present to answer questions from local constituents.

State Member for Canterbury, Sophie Cotsis, recently wrote to Metro Assist, a key community-based agency in the region, announcing the extension of funding for its tenant advocacy and financial counselling of $2,407,306 over three year to June 2022. The organisation’s CEO, Lou Bacchiella, said that it provides greater assurance that such crucial services can continue to support the community at a time when people are under great strain.

“Over the course of a year, Metro Assist provides tenancy support and financial counselling to around 2,800 new clients and many more seeking emergency relief and applying for No Interest Loan applications”, said Mr Bacchiella.

“Year after year, this organisation does so much valuable work in the community helping people in crisis and financial hardship”, Ms Cotsis said.

“Bill Assist days provide an opportunity for people to ask questions about their bills and to get expert advice on how to resolve problems they may be encountering”, she added.

Similar events are planned in the region and will be promoted over coming months.

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