40th Delphi Bank Semaphore Greek Festival

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South Australia is getting ready to celebrate all things Greek at the 40th Delphi Bank Semaphore Greek Festival


The ​Delphi Bank Semaphore Greek Festival ​​is one of the premier Greek cultural festivals in Australia and one of the largest of its kind. A volunteer-driven event, the Festival showcases and celebrates Greek culture and heritage within South Australia’s broader multicultural context.

Many generations of local volunteers dedicate endless hours to make the festival a success. It is this community and family spirit that underpins the success of the Delphi Bank Semaphore Greek Festival. Right now, Adelaide is setting a celebratory tone, as preparations have started for this year’s festival that will take place at the picturesque Semaphore Beach in SA, on the weekend of ​12 and 13 January 2019.

This year, “more is MORE”

Bring the kids, bring the pethera (mother in law), bring the symbethera (co-mother in law), bring the koumbara (maid of honour)… this year bring the WHOLE family. Admission, as it has been for the last 40 years, is ​free ​​and there is something in our two-day programme for everyone: follow the kefi of the amazing ​Opacize, party with ​DJ Apostal​​, dance along with our local dance groups, take part in one of our many competitions, and enjoy the food: yiros, Lamb off the spit, Hot Chips, Greek desserts (and plenty to drink as well).

If you need a break, remember: the Semaphore Rides and the Semaphore Road cafes are at a walking distance, just make sure you come back in time for the ​Live Band Zeus with special guest singer ​Hara Dimitriou​​, scheduled to play on both nights of the Festival!

Our beloved MC’s ​George Diakomichalis and ​Theodora Maios will be on stage ​while Kyriakos Gold ​​will host the virtual event on our social media, so make sure you look for our hashtag ​#sema4greekfest ​​!

Last year, more than 35,ooo visitors attended the Festival to treat themselves to unique Greek delicacies and celebrate Greek culture, dance, music and food. As ​John Douvartzidis​​, President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Port Adelaide mentions

“Last year was one of our most successful festival editions, with many thousands honouring us with their presence. Our festival has grown significantly and is now entering a new phase; for our 40th anniversary we promise something for everyone and, as Greeks do best, creating a great party atmosphere”.

This year we thank our people.

Every year, the Festival is run with the help of its dedicated volunteers. With their contribution, we are able to achieve a small wonder. This year, Semaphore is paying tribute to its “soul”, saying “thank you” to its over 300 wonderful male and female volunteers.

This year we are going for a New Record!

Last year Semaphore set the record of loukoumathes, the traditional Greek dessert, as our bakers produced, and our visitors consumed the impressive number of 37,730 honey-rich spheres during the two-day festival. This year we are aiming even higher: we are set to go for 40.000 loukoumathes to match our 40th anniversary!

This year we have made improvements.

As we have designed a family-centered event, we have made the necessary adjustments to accommodate our visitors. This year we have added more selling spots to make sure you spend less time waiting in line and have more time to enjoy our traditional Greek menu that includes lamb on the spit, yiros and charcoal cooked corn on the cob!

This year things will be happening on site and online!

Our Media Hub, that debuted last year and attracted a lot of visitors, is returning of course. Last year more than 400.000 people visited the Festival’s social media pages. This year we have prepared more surprises for the online community.

The Semaphore Greek Festival is grateful for the support of its main partners, ​Delphi Bank, the Government of South Australia and Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

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